Whether you are a long time Lake Charter Township (LCT) resident or new to the Township, we are glad you are here! Your decision to live in Lake is one we think you be very happy with. From a wonderful community, great schools, excellent low-cost utilities, fabulous fire and police protection, and a great location in the southwestern corner of the State on the shores of Lake Michigan; we are sure you know what all Lake Township to offer! However, you may not know all the details. We put together this guide for quick reference to many of the questions you may have without a lot of time researching them. If you can’t find your answers here, be sure to give the office a call. Supervisor Gast’s years of experience and knowledge of the Township is ready to help with your questions. Hours are 7:30 to 4:00 M-Th and 7:30 to 3:00 Friday. Our helpful staff will be happy to help!

Utilities - LCT is proud to offer a wide array of reliable, excellent utilities in our Township.

Water - Most all of the Township has access to “city” water provided by our state-of-the art water plant located on Red Arrow Highway. We are blessed to have access to Lake Michigan water to process providing very highly rated, clean and excellent water to our residents at a very low cost. Superintendent Jeff Burkhard, assistant Superintendent Toby Riley and the rest of the staffs experience and knowledge in water processing turn out a great product. For more information visit the water tab under services. Contact the water plant for water taps and service questions. Contact Tracy Dettman at the Township Hall for setting up your service, changing services, billing questions, and shutting off or turning on service. Water is billed quarterly based on a minimum amount of 10,000 gallons for residential services. Above the minimum you will be billed for the actual gallons used. LCT provides water not only to our residents but many surrounding communities as well. See the water tab under services for more details and information. Water and sewer payments can conveniently be made on-line (some fees apply), automatically from your checking account (no fee), left at our secure after hours drop box located just west of our office, mailed in, or at the office during business hours.

Sewer - Sewer services are contracted with the Galien River Sewer Authority. Again, most of the Township has access to these services. We handle all billing questions and is billed along with your water bill quarterly. Tracy works closely with them and can help direct any questions or problems to them. They are located in New Buffalo and can be contacted directly at 269-469-3434.

Electric - Services are provided by Indiana Michigan Power from power generated right here in our Township at the Cook Nuclear Plant in the northern part of the Township. They can be reached at 800-311-4634. There website is located at: https://www.indianamichiganpower.com. As an aside, it is because of Cook and the tax revenue they generate to the Township that LCT is able to provide so many services at the low cost to residents.

Gas - Services are provided by Michigan Gas Utility. Most of the Township has access to natural gas which is a great benefit to residents. Michigan Gas customer service can be reached at 800-401-6402, emergency service at 800-401-6451. There website can be found at: https://www.accel.michigangasutilities.com.

Propane- Service is available from several suppliers. These are two of the larger/national companies. There are several other local companies to choose from also. Check local listings for that information.

Cable/TV - Service is available from several possible providers covering nearly all corners of the Township. They are:

Internet providers: The above cable providers may also have the ability to provide internet services. Most have bundle prices when combining cable, internet and wireless cell phone services.

Additional Internet Provider:

Surf Air Wireless, LLC
Email: Support@SurfAirWireless.us
Voice: 219.326.5252

Trash/Recycling/Large Trash Services/Electronic and Tire Recycling - LCT provides trash and recycling services at no cost to our residents through Republic Services located in Stevensville. Trash is picked up weekly on Wednesday’s. Recycling is picked up every other week based on your home’s location. Click here for the current schedule and here for the items accepted. Republic recommends having the receptacle at the curbside on Tuesday evenings as some pickups occur quite early in the morning. Our office is happy to coordinate new services. For pick up or other service questions the local customer service number at Republic is 269-266-5551. Their website is located at: https://republicservices.com.

LCT also provides for large trash disposal at no charge to residents. All you have to do is contact our office to obtain a voucher for free delivery to Republics site at 7227 Reliable Path in Stevensville. We offer two specific dates in the spring and fall for delivery and one “anytime” voucher to be used at your convenience any date you choose. Use one, two or all three. Contact Republic Services for information about items accepted. Contact our office for the spring and fall dates or check for information on our website. Lastly, LCT also offers either tire or electronic recycling services, again at no cost to residents, on alternating years. Watch for a postcard announcing dates or keep an eye on the website for information.

Police/Fire - LCT is fortunate to have excellent police and fire services. The police department is a partnership with Baroda Township. The fire department is run independently. Under police Chief Shawn Martin’s and fire Chief Harold Heyn’s leadership and experience you can feel safe and secure under their watch. Our water system providing hydrants at most locations in the Township along with excellent equipment, a well-trained, dedicated fire and police department will keep your family safe. See the police and fire information under the services tab for more details and contact information.

Building/Zoning - LCT has its own full time building and zoning administrator, Jim Gast. Jim’s many years of experience and knowledge of Lake Township will be helpful in getting your questions answered and guiding you through the process. For more information, forms, zoning maps, fees, ordinances and more; visit the building zoning tab under departments.

Elections/Voting - Our Clerk, Gloria Payne, is responsible for running local elections. Gloria’s experience and team of experienced volunteers are capable of running efficient and convenient elections. Forms are available on the elections page under the departments tab.

Treasurer/Taxes - The Treasurer, Bob Clark, and Deputy Treasurer Jamie Smith, administers tax collections. Taxes are due twice a year. The summer tax bills come out in early July and are due by September 14th (due date may vary year to year based on the day the 14th falls). Winter tax bills are sent out in early December and due February 14th (again the actual date may vary). Both seasons of taxes can be paid locally at the Township office or on-line prior to March 1st. Penalties apply after the due dates. After that they must be paid to the Berrien County Treasurers office in St Joseph. Taxes can be paid at the office during regular business hours, on-line for varying fees, mailed in, or dropped off in our secure, convenient night drop box located just west of our office on Shawnee Rd. Check out the Treasurers page under departments for forms, details and more information. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We do our best to making paying taxes easy. Our tax/millage rate is one of the lowest in the area. Because of the Cook Plant tax revenue we are able to provide police/fire services, library services, trash and recycling all from general funds making additional millage typically needed to fund these types of service unnecessary. This all helps to keep your taxes low.

Assessment - Our assessor, Scott Cunningham, works as a contracted assessor available at the office twice a month typically on the first and third Thursday of each month. Contact our office to make sure Scott will be there or to make an appointment. Scott is also available by email to answer questions you may have about your assessment or the process. Scott has been the Township assessor for many years and he will be happy to help. See the assessor page under departments for forms, contact information and more

Lake Township Park - Our park is often referred to as a hidden gem in Southwestern Michigan. The park is the home of many recreational sports (softball, baseball, and soccer) attracting hundreds to the park every season. It also offers a wonderful free 18-hole disc golf course that is highly regarded and very well used! Besides that, there are three great pavilions available for rent at a very reasonable cost to residents for family gatherings, celebrations, or reunions. Many events occur at the park throughout the year. The park even has a “catch and release” pond for fishing. Whatever your use, we are sure you will enjoy this great Township asset. There is no entry fee to the park. See the park page under services for more information, disc golf map, park map, rules, pavilion rentals, and forms.

Schools - We are very fortunate to have one of the most highly rated schools in the State, right here in Lake Township! They have an Elementary, Middle and High School to provide great education services to all ages. The combination of being a relatively small district and the ability to provide our children with such an incredible education is truly a blessing! An active education foundation helps enhance education opportunities as well. Visit their website at: https://www.bridgmanschools.com for more information and services available.

Library - Bridgman Public Library is available to all Township residents for no charge. This excellent facility provides a huge amount of services and programs for the young and old alike. Located in downtown Bridgman this is a great service for our community. Visit their website at: https://www.bridgmanlibrary.com for programs and more information.

Warren Dunes State Park - Located in the southern part of Lake Township, you will find one of the most visited State Parks in Michigan. It is 1952 acres located on Lake Michigan with numerous recreational opportunities on the shores of Lake Michigan. It has three miles of beautiful shoreline and six miles of established trails through awesome woodlands, wetlands and sand dunes. Some dunes soar 260 feet above the lake level! It is open year around providing swimming, hiking, cross country skiing, and camping opportunities. Recently remodeled beach houses, restrooms, and changing facilities are very nice. All Michigan residents need is a Michigan Passport at an annual cost of $ 12 to access this and any other state park any time you want. You’ll love this park! Visit their website at: https://www.michigan.org/property/warren-dunes-state-park for more information.

Weko Beach - Located in the City of Bridgman on Lake Michigan, here is another gem to enjoy in our community. Adjacent to Warren Dunes you can enjoy miles of beaches! They offer a wonderful beach house with rest rooms and concession facilities, a boat launch, a dog run on the beach, kayak and paddleboard rentals, and a great boardwalk overlook of the beach and lake. They also offer camping facilities for visitors, summer free concerts on the beach, and several events throughout the year including a great Makers Trail Festival each year with music, beer and wine. You can also rent the magnificent beach house for weddings and other events. Lake Township residents can purchase an annual entry sticker for the reduced price of only $10! Thanks to our neighbors in Bridgman for this incredible place. Visit their website at: https://www.bridgman.org/236/Weko-beach for more information.

Cemeteries - LCT has three cemeteries located within the Township. Contact Clerk Payne for any questions you may have. Two are active and have burial sites available. Cemetery lots and columbarium niches are available to Township residents at reduced costs. The cemeteries are very well kept and make a wonderful resting place. See the cemetery tab under the department tab for more information.

Well, that about covers it. In putting this together it is truly amazing how much LCT and the surrounding area has to offer and what an incredible place this is to live and raise a family. Located close to I-94 with access to virtually anywhere, not far from St Joseph and numerous shoreline communities, Lake Michigan Community College, our fruit, vegetable and agricultural areas, breweries and wineries, and much, much more; Lake Charter Township is a great place call home! See you soon!