Harold Heyn, Fire Chief

The Lake Township Fire Department serves Lake Township and surrounding communities. The staff consists of Chief Harold Heyn and 23 part time volunteers. Harold joined the department in 1978. The department has 3 pumper trucks, an emergency Hummer, jeep, emergency rescue boat, UTV and jet skiis. The staff's experience and dedication to our community keeps us safe.

The department offers smoke alarms available on request. 911 signs are recommended and available for purchase at the Township for $15.00. The order form is attached or available at the Township office.

Burning permits: Burning permits are required whenever burning occurs. The only burning allowed is for wood in its' natural form. Please complete the building permit form attached or available at the Township Hall. The form must be delivered to the hall before burning takes place.

Chief Heyn and Captain Jones made memories for a local family. As part of the Bridgman Foundation for Educational Excellence "Now and Forever" silent auction fund raiser in February the Rumsey family won the fire tour and ride in the Lake Township fire truck. Thanks to Chief Heyn and Captain Jones for supporting the Foundation and making these kids dreams come true! See the attached pictures of the tour.


Firefighters Wanted! Have you ever thought about a way to supplement your income, help people in their greatest times of need, and build comradery with others? We've got the answer- join the Lake Township Fire Department! We are in need of some responsible people looking to make a difference in others lives. Contact Chief Heyn at 269-465-6351 for more information.