Gloria Payne
  • Current Term: 11/2020 - 11/2024
  • Phone: (269) 465-6601
  • Cell: (269) 208-4494
  • Fax: (269) 465-4631
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 A lifelong resident of Bridgman. Graduated in the bi-centennial year of 1976, Go Bees!

After years of working for a barrage of lawyers and also a four year stent with a governmental agency, I feel that my career path led me to be involved in local government. It is a love/hate relationship. You love serving the people, you hate what the un-funded mandates, from upper level government does, to a local municipality.

All the years growing up in my "German heritage" household, I heard my father over and over coaxing me about how important it is to vote. I heard the story of how, a long long time ago, the US voted on an official language. In events packed with drama, opinions were split between English and German. It all came down to the final vote: English won - by a single vote. Turns out this is an urban legend. However, the importance of voting remained huge in my life and since I turned 18, I have never missed an election. It is only fitting that I now "run" elections for Lake Charter Township.

Along life's path, you enter the "school of hard knocks". I owe my knowledge to a former co-worker, Marilyn, (who since has died of non-hodgkins lymphoma), she helped me with continuing my education and believed in me and fostered me to be the best I can be. My husband, Ron, of 41 years keeps me grounded and brings me down to slower pace in life which is a great balance during a busy day at the office. Lastly, my parents who raised me to love God, keep him first in my life and be kind to everyone.

I appreciate being your Lake Township Clerk. I believe it is an honor to serve and feel that God has placed me in this position for his glory, not mine. May he ever keep me humble and allow me to serve the residents of Lake Charter Township.